Residential Mortgages

Are You Ready for Retirement?

More and more Canadians are going into their retirement years without a lot of money saved in the bank. It is suggested that in order to live a financially comfortable retirement, couples should have saved 50-60% of their peak pre-retirement income, which equates to roughly $42,000 to $72,000 a year or $275,000 to $1,025,000. Singles […] Continue reading

Is a Rent-to-Own Right for You?

Are you a homeowner who needs to refinance past 80% of the value due to financial challenges?  Are you wanting to purchase a home but don’t have sufficient down payment or have credit issues?  You may want to… Continue reading

Bad Credit Residential Mortgage

At Donna’s Mortgages, we have a track record for helping our customers manage their financial affairs responsibly, and assisting them in re-establishing their credit and stability.

We understand that, although many clients are capable and willing to take on the… Continue reading

Residential Mortgages

Residential Mortgages

Choosing a residential mortgage in today’s market can be a challenging decision. The borrower can be faced with a myriad of choices. Each lending institutions presents their respective claims to the enquiring borrower in an attempt to entice… Continue reading

Fast Tracking to Mortgage Free


Just imagine – as you’re going through your favourite coffee drive-thru this week – that a well-dressed gentleman stops and offers you $11,000 for your medium double double. Who would hesitate? We’d take the cash. It’s not so far-fetched.… Continue reading

Investment Properties – An Alternative to RSP’s


Over the last few years, relatively weak stock markets (compared to the late 90’s) along with continued global economic uncertainty have changed the way many Canadians are investing their hard earned dollars. More and more Canadians are venturing into… Continue reading

Mortgage Banker vs. Mortgage Broker

The list of mortgage products and sources for loans in today’s marketplace can seem endless. In spite of several Lenders, including some prominent banks, leaving the marketplace, there is still a plethora of products and lending sources for the mortgage… Continue reading