Bad Credit Commercial Loans and Mortgages


While credit profile is an important consideration in the lending decision it is not the only one. A bad credit commercial mortgage or loan is available to individuals and businesses with less than perfect, or poor credit rating. These are also called “sub-prime” loans.

Bad credit commercial loans and mortgages are available for any sort of commercial purpose. Bad credit commercial loans can be used to remodel a manufacturing plant to make it run more swiftly, for example. Bad credit commercial mortgages can also be used to restructure or expand the existing business. Also, much like bad credit home loans, bad credit commercial loans can be used to actually pay off debt and improve your credit.

Bad credit may not stand in the way of obtaining your loan or mortgage request, only a clear detailed plan of your commercial purpose for the loan is needed, as well as a plan for repayment. With bad credit commercial loans and mortgages, bad credit may not hurt anymore, but rather it gets improved. And then, with timely payments, you can eventually improve your credit score and overall credit report even further.

Not all commercial property owners and prospective commercial property owners are alike and thus we treat each loan request as a unique scenario and try to maximize our clients’ opportunities to get the commercial property loan that meets their objectives, even if their credit history is less than perfect. New and creative financing techniques are available to make our services more effective and responsive to borrower’s needs. Rates can vary quite dramatically across products, so it is important that we understand your situation as thoroughly as possible so we can secure the best product for you.

Securing the right bad credit commercial mortgage or loan is a very important decision. Equally as important is speaking with the right people. If this is an area you wish to explore, contact us today.

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