Bad Credit Residential Mortgage

At Donna’s Mortgages, we have a track record for helping our customers manage their financial affairs responsibly, and assisting them in re-establishing their credit and stability.

We understand that, although many clients are capable and willing to take on the responsibility of a new residential mortgage, the criteria used by most, if not all, financial lending institutions prevent them from obtaining their loan request, due to past bad credit. Over the past few years, it has become increasingly easier to obtain loans for clients with bad or less than perfect credit, via tried and trusted private lending companies. These are also called sub-prime mortgages and loans. These companies can often finance sub-prime or bad credit mortgages which conventional institutions cannot. The main thing these private lending companies wish to see is equity in the property, in a marketable location.

What’s really important is that we are able, in many cases, to place financing regardless of your past credit history, for bad credit, or less than perfect credit mortgages. We are also able to assist consumers with good credit to obtain the most competitive mortgage rates and terms, and offer a wide range of residential mortgage products to meet a variety of needs.

Whether you have a history of bad or less than perfect credit, you have filed for bankruptcy, consumer proposal, credit counseling, you are self-employed or without verifiable income, or you’ve accumulated an unmanageable amount of debt, we can often place your loan request for financing.

Because sub-prime mortgage loans can often be a complicated process, it’s important you speak with the right people. The idea is to improve your credit score and get you back on track with manageable debt and payment schedules. Even if your initial goal is to consolidate debts, do home renovations, taking a much-needed holiday, or anything else, a sub-prime bad credit mortgage can actually help improve your credit score. Combined with timely payments, a sub-prime mortgage can put you in the right direction towards financial freedom. Call us today.

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