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Capital is the foundation of every business. The business owner needs to have enough funds to run his business smoothly. And, as we know, business does not always mean earning profits – you may have losses as well. In a not always predictable market, doing business necessitates the requirement of immediate cash. Commercial secured business loans have been designed to help you out in these circumstances.

Commercial secured business loans are tailored specifically for entrepreneurs who require funds for starting a business or expanding an existing one. The amount drawn from commercial secured business loans can be used for a variety of purposes, such as purchasing machinery, renovating buildings and offices, purchasing commercial buildings and much more.

One important feature of secured commercial business loans is that these business loans can be collateralized by commercial property, equipment, accounts receivables, purchase orders, etc.
Commercial real estate lenders wish to see a business plan which shows a strong source of repayment for the loan. The lender wants to make sure that his business loan is going to get repaid.
There are a number of questions that the lender will have in order to see if you qualify for a business/construction loan or financing:

–  Will the finished project be worth more than it costs to construct/finance?
–  After the project is finished, will the loan to value be, for example, 75% or less?
–  How much will the borrower be willing to invest in the construction/business loan?
–  How does the borrower’s net worth compare to the size of the construction/business loan?
–  Will the lender be able to get out of the deal at some point by the borrower qualifying for a new loan to pay out his construction/business loan (takeout loan)?  

As far as business start up loans, lenders are concerned with such things as: the borrower’s experience in the line of business, the amount the borrower is willing to invest himself, collateral sufficient for the loan portion of the deal. Business start up loans can be used for: construction financing, renovations to existing premises, machinery and equipment and working capital.  

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