Drowning in Debt

Are you finding that you are drowning in monthly payments to your creditors, with no hope in sight?  If the only option to you seems like bankruptcy or filing a consumer proposal, you may have another choice.  I am working with clients who have almost $50000 in unsecured debt with several late payments.  We were able to get that amount reduced to $21000 without declaring bankruptcy or filing a proposal.

In order to qualify you must be a home owner with sufficient equity in your property and you must be in arrears to your creditors (not necessarily all of them).

The beauty about this program is that my clients can start re-building their credit right away, instead of waiting for the bankruptcy to be discharged or the proposal to be paid in full.  Both of these options can take a few years to complete.  This just delays the whole process to getting credit worthy again.  If this situation sounds like you, call me today at 1.877.336.3545 for a free consultation.

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