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Base-jumping basics: Porridge wheat, sugar & dairy free

I like slow burning, low glycemic, robust food that goes the distance for breakfast.

My base-jumping basics food concept is about creating wheat, sugar and dairy free recipe bases, from which you can build on, experiment with and add the things you like in order to come up with your own perfect bites, have your taste buds go YUMMM and your tummy feel good.

If sometimes your trial creations aren't exactly all you dreamed of, that's ok, it's all part of the perfect voyage of food fun and discovery.Please don't let that put you off. Remember, you are a slice of heaven no matter what your food tastes like.

I like to task layer in the kitchen and I have guests, so I clear the bench while the porridge is cooking.The light dances obligingly on the bench for my first picture and it's easy; the first picture is done.

Porridge recipe base


Sweetness:Option ideas include apple or other fruit, honey, coconut, Stevia.

Yumminess/flavour: Try some left over chai tea, cinnamon, vanilla, etc.

Nutritional grunt:I used carb oats, chia and cashews, but you could do any combination of protein and low glycemic grains that work for you.


Put in pot and tweak to your heart's/tastebud's desire.

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