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The introductory section provides only the most basic information about the Council, with the only indication as to the scope of it's role being that it was the top-tier local government administrative body for Greater London. A useful comparison here is with the Wikipedia page of the Greater London Authority, the GLCs extant successor local authority. The GLAs introductory paragraph provides brief but useful information on the Authoritys structure, it's scope of operations, and it's funding structure. While introductions should provide concise overview, the GLCs introductory paragraph provides little real indication of the Councils role, which means that people visiting the page are forced to read the whole article to glean general information.

In terms of comprehensiveness more generally, the page provides good information on the Councils foundation, providing useful links to other Wikipedia articles on relevant processes, such as the London Government Act of 1963 (although it is telling that this single act of parliament has more Wikipedia words than the GLC). Discussion of the Councils powers is also vague although this may be because contributors have decided to avoid an overly technical tone. In my view, however, the article would benefit from a deeper discussion of Conciliar powers and how they we're utilized in policy making. Although in the section headed Abolition there are references to some of the deliberately antagonis[tic] policies of Ken Livingstone, the Councils last leader, these have the element of the bombastic and give undue weight to niche issues while ignoring the Councils very important work in other areas, above all in Equal Opportunities. In general, the article focuses on flashpoint moments such as foundation, abolition, and controversy, rather than providing a more solid overview of the Councils work.

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In terms of sourcing, the article has been labelled as needing additional citations for verification. This highlights what must be a common problem in getting verification for articles on relatively recent political topics. My own research in this area made it abundantly clear that impartial discussion of the GLC and it's activities is very difficult to find in secondary literature given the Councils polarizing political stance. From my experience, many sources play fast and loose even with the facts of the Councils operations. There are, however, a number of secondary sources I am aware of specifically relating to the later years of the GLCs existence. One insider account is GLC: The Inside Story written by Wesley Whitehouse. The GLC produced a huge volume of primary documentation, most obviously the minutes from the Councils meetings which clearly provide factual data. These are stored at the London Metropolitan Archives.

In general the neutrality of the article is good given the politicized nature of this topic. Reference to Ken Livingstone's deliberate antagonist of the Thatcher government is one of the few instances where this neutrality slips, perhaps unsurprising given the controversy around abolition. In general, however, because the article restricts itself to generalized and mostly superficial factual discussion and avoids in depth analysis of the Councils most controversial policies, neutrality is not a major problem. It's neutral because it avoids many of the thorniest issues.

The formatting and illustrations are clear and illustrative, and appear to follow the Wikipedia template for institutions.

In general, the main problem with the article is it's lack of content. Now that I have become aware of this I hope to provide more information, although there is the risk that my rather specific area of expertise may skew the articles focus. I would aspire to seeing the article reach a similar length to that of the GLA given that this successor authority's scope of operations is similar to that of it's predecessor.

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