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How to Reuse Five Things I Don't Want to Throw Out

Many thanks to Cat, who runs the Etsy Upcyclers Team blog Love2Upcycle, for featuringVerdant Violetin a blog post! I was on cloud nine all day today. I hope youfind it interesting toread aboutmy work and inspirationfrom someone else's perspective. I sure did! 🙂

I often find myself poised over the kitchen trash can with an object in my hand, frozen in space, my brow furrowed, my mouth hanging open, deep in thought. I'm thinking, I can't recycle this by the curb, but can I come up with another use for it? Or is it really a worthless piece of trash whose time has come to say goodbye to polite society and hello to themountain that anthropologists will be excavating with paintbrushesin 100,000 years, if all goes well?

More often than not, I'm able to find ways to reuse things. Here arefive items that might be thrown out, with links to pages withmany ideas for giving them a second life.

Yogurt Containers
Yogurt containers can be recycled at some merchants, but nowhere that I tend to shop. We switched from small to large containers to save money and cut back on waste. I would still like to make an effort to recycle them when we've used them as much as we can at home, and when I can bring myself to do that I will probably let you know. Here are 5 ways to reuse them My main thought with these reuses is that the functionality is there, but the containers are not very attractive to have on your pantry shelves or in your freezer or containing your plant seedlings. Why can't they make more attractive containers for yogurt?Whhhyyyyyy? Hmm..perhaps I could wrap the containers in...

You realize (alert, side tracking!) just when you believe you're completely oblivious to online advertising you get a banner ad which in some way grabs your interest. Just saw a terrific banner for a credible plumbing service in Port Moody. They really ought to get the reference 🙂 Ok, i am sorry ladies and gentlemen, returning to it.

Gift WrapIt bugs me that most gift wrap can't be recycled. It's pretty easy to avoid using gift wrap, but it is still likely to come your way at some point, and you will have to say "thank you". And the more gift wrap that's required to cover up the gift, the bigger your "thank you" has to be. But your gratitude will be heartfelt once you realize that someone at curbly.comhas compiled 30 ways to reuse gift wrap. If 30 ways isn't enough for you, please leave a comment and complain. I think the most useful tips are to use shredded gift wrap as package filler, or to iron it on a low setting and reuse it as gift wrap. The most intriguingtip to me wasto make paper beads.I want to try that someday, when I have some down time.

Egg Cartons
I probably don't have to tell you that egg cartons are the perfect place to store your handknit free-range Irish eggies. If you still need other ideas, you can find 11 of them herethanks to
Plastic Takeout Containers
We used to get takeout food all the time but we have cut way back on that, to save money mostly, but it is amazing to see how much garbage is produced from plastic takeout containers. It was truly the bulk of our garbage each week. But we still sometimes splurge on takeout, so I've been looking for clever reuses for the containers, and I foundseveral here(from the blog How Can I Recycle This).

MouldablePolystyrene Foam
You know the big pieces of white foam that came in the box with your new computer, that squeaked as you pulled it out as if to announce with great joy the arrival of a technological masterpiece? Do this with it (also from the blog How Can I Recycle This).
I would love to hear from you about how have you re-used any of these items.
I knowthat reducing the amount ofthe materialcoming into the house is the way to go. But some of it will inevitably find it's way in and now you and I are a bit more ready to handle it when it does.

I want to give credit for this article in part to I actually got the idea for this post as a result of I little piece I read up on on their website.

Invaluable Assistance - Thank you so much for your late-night efforts Wesley. - Where would I be with out you? - Without fail you find a way help me to break it down to make the article the best it can be. - Very nice layout.

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