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New Home Structural Warranty Registrations Plunge To New Depths

Only 25 new home registrations we're recorded for the month of December, bringing the annual 2012 total to just 627. A far cry from the halcyon days of the property bull market when 85% of all new homes built came with a 10-year structural warranty attached. Based on recent data from the CSO on homebuilding (about 8,500 completions are likely to be recorded for calendar 2012), we canreveal that just 1-in-100 Irish new homes now provides such an insurance policy as standard. From a business forecasting viewpoint, this really showshow unreliable an indicator of either current or prospective construction activity these Homebond figures now are. One would have thought that in the light of the property decline that homebuilders would seek to market and differentiate their product as much as possible, however, the reverse is true cut costs at all cost.

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