No Question is a “stupid” question

Q: Is there a fee to use a mortgage broker?
A: In most cases there is no fee. A fee is usually charged when there are major challenges with a client’s credit rating.

Q: What if I would like to refinance my mortgage to do some home renovations or debt consolidation but it is not up for renewal? Won’t there be a penalty to pay?
A: In most cases today the penalty is often offset by the savings from the lower mortgage rate and the savings from eliminating the extra debt.

Q: Can I get a mortgage if I have declared bankruptcy in the past?
A: In a lot of cases clients with a record of a past bankruptcy are able to get a mortgage.

Q: Do you have access to private lenders?
A: I work with a wide variety of private lenders willing to invest in both residential and commercial properties, from small second mortgages to large property development projects.

Q: I am looking to refinance but my property doesn’t have much equity in it. Are there any other options open to me?
A: Possibly, if you have another property that has equity in it, the lender can look at this property as potential collateral security against a new mortgage.

Q: You appear to be very much involved in commercial loans and mortgages. Do you still have time for and do you have access to resources needed to fund residential mortgages?
A: I started my career in residential mortgages and I am still very much active in this market area, for any type of residential property. My experience in this area makes it very likely that I can find a loan solution for your particular mortgage scenario.

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