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If your bank or lender has declined your application for a mortgage, you’re in the perfect spot. We are experts in securing mortgages for challenging cases!

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In Hamilton’s financial sector, Donna distinguishes herself with personalized mortgage solutions and over 30 years of experience. Her approach is characterized by warmth and dedicated attention, creating bespoke strategies for a diverse clientele. She ensures clear, effective communication, supported by her broad network of lenders.

Donna’s Hamilton services include residential mortgages, refinancing, and debt consolidations, along with specialized financing for dental practices and gas stations. Her ability to secure up to 100% financing for construction costs caters to those with complex financial histories.

Reach out to Donna at 1-877-336-3545 for tailored mortgage advice in Hamilton. Her expertise transcends traditional banking, guiding clients to financial success and unlocking a world of potential beyond conventional approaches.

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+1 (877) 336-3545
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We will develop a personalized financing strategy suited to your situation, regardless of your credit history.

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Advancing to the approval stage, we tailor terms to the client’s financial circumstances and stay in close contact.

Dedicated Mortgage Expert

Meet Donna Lewczuk

Connect with a seasoned financial expert, offering over 30 years of experience in delivering customized mortgage solutions and exceptional service, dedicated to your financial success.

Donna Lewczuk

Commercial & Residential Mortgage Agent
Originator Licence #m08001430
Mortgage Agent Level 2

I have worked in the financial services industry for over 30 years, with most of those years involved in the mortgage field.

Over this time I’ve developed working relationships with a vast number of lenders, both institutional and private, in the commercial lending field. As a result my team has been able to provide both creative and timely solutions for clients where, previously, other avenues had failed.

Customer service is my number one priority, with special focus on what my client needs and how they can best be served. It is important that my clients be kept informed throughout the entire process.

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Frequently Asked Mortgage Questions Addressed

Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

Explore our comprehensive FAQ section, where we provide insightful answers to commonly asked questions. Get the information you need to make informed decisions about your mortgage journey.

Typically, our clients, such as those in Hamilton, benefit from no-fee services, a common practice among mortgage brokers. However, fees may be applicable in cases of significant credit issues. This approach is standard in the industry, aiming to provide transparent and equitable service to all clients.

Many residents, including those in Hamilton, often find that the benefits of lower rates gained through refinancing more than compensate for any potential penalties. This balance of costs and advantages is a common aspect of the refinancing process.

In Hamilton, past bankruptcy isn’t necessarily a barrier to mortgage approval, as many of our clients have demonstrated.

In Hamilton, I maintain relationships with private lenders interested in a variety of property investments, including both small residential mortgages and large commercial developments.

As with many homeowners, potentially in Hamilton, refinancing a low-equity property can be possible if you have another property that can act as collateral for the new mortgage.

Yes, residential mortgages in Hamilton are a key part of my portfolio. With my background, I can effectively cater to various residential mortgage requirements.

In Hamilton, securing your mortgage rate in advance is a common practice among lenders, helping you avoid future rate hikes.

A strong credit score is crucial in obtaining favorable interest rates and terms on a mortgage, a reality for many borrowers, not just those in Hamilton. This key factor is instrumental across various markets in securing advantageous mortgage conditions.

Residents with fixed-rate mortgages, including those in Hamilton, benefit from stable, unchanged interest rates. This contrasts with variable-rate mortgages, where rates are dependent on market fluctuations, affecting borrowers in various regions.

Just like in Hamilton and other regions, mortgage approval times can vary, but I am dedicated to ensuring a swift process for your application.

Positive Experiences

See What Others Say About Donna

Discover firsthand accounts of Donna’s exceptional mortgage expertise and commitment to clients’ financial success. Hear what satisfied clients have to say about their experiences.

Michael Ram Icon
Michael Ram
Due the rising cost of living, Donna was able to arrange a Mortgage refinancing, and put me in a good financial position. She showed me how much the savings would be with going in this direction, instead of a Line of credit or personal loan or HELOC. When the Lender did not understand certain aspects of the documentation I gave, she called them and was able to discuss and explain everything to them and had them approve the refinancing. Also, Donna has helped me in the past to get my first mortgage and I always go to her for my Mortgage needs. She always returned my calls, updated me on everything and put me in the right direction with her advice. It is good to shop for A mortgage broker but my thoughts are, you would go with Donna anyway.
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Posted on
Gregory Ealeifo Icon
Gregory Ealeifo
Donna was really helpful in helping my wife and I get the mortgage we needed for our dream home. She is truly the best in the business and made sure we got a lender in record time with a very good rate. Donna, you were truly exceptional and my family appreciates all your effort in helping us. I highly recommend. Thanks
Google Icon
Posted on
Laura Vanveen Icon
Laura Vanveen
Donna is a true professional. As a Real Estate Broker I have worked with many Mortgage specialists throughout the years, and when it came to my personal mortgage refinancing Donna stood out from the crowd. She made the experience personal with actual phone calls and follow ups. She was quick and efficient. And I trusted her throughout the process. Donna and her assistant are creative with financial strategies and have great contacts to help make the process smooth. Highly recommend ! 👌
Google Icon
Posted on
Courtney Ott Icon
Courtney Ott
Donna helped my husband and I obtain a mortgage that we thought wouldn't be possible. As new business owners, we knew that there was a slim chance of finding a lender who would take us on, but Donna made it happen. She works hard for her clients and made the overall process easy. She is professional and committed to her work. I would definitely recommend Donna!
Google Icon
Posted on
Rob Richards Icon
Rob Richards
Donna is an informed thorough professional. From the start she guided me through the entire process, offering the best solution for my individual needs. I will definitely come to Donna again in the future and highly recommend her services. You will not be disappointed. Thanks again, Donna.
Google Icon
Posted on
Gia Yun Icon
Gia Yun
I know Donna for many years. She is the professional mortgage agent you can ever asked. She knew what I want and responded right away with the best results. Thank you so much for your help in this time. I will contact you next time comes.
Google Icon
Posted on
Christina Peele Icon
Christina Peele
It was a great pleasure working with Donna. My husband and I are very pleased with how she handled our mortgage renewal. She was fast, efficient got us a great rate. She was even working late hours for us. I would recommend Donna to my family and friends for sure. We’ve been dealing with Dominion lendings for years now with no complaints.
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Posted on
Susanna Zhang Icon
Susanna Zhang
I don't think words can express how incredibly skilled Donna is at attaining mortgages for her clients. My partner and I bought a home with a private lender as we both were laid off right after we signed papers to lift finance conditions. Ouch! Since then, we've been struggling to refinance for a lower rate. We've worked with a few different brokers and all of them promised but could not deliver when the time came. Donna DELIVERED. She has cut down our interest rate in half. She is professional, quick to assess and does not waste any time! She always updated me with any new information/challenges and consistently came up with the most ideal solution for us. She really was the light at the end of the tunnel for us. I highly recommend Donna for any mortgage needs.
Google Icon
Posted on
Lynn Berns Icon
Lynn Berns
Donna is a complete professional. Quite an impressive lady!
Google Icon
Posted on
Liz Skorski Icon
Liz Skorski
We have worked with Donna a few times. She is very knowledgeable and provides great customer service. We would highly recommend her mortgage services.
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Posted on
P Syl Icon
P Syl
Donna has been my mortgage rep from the 1st home I purchased, and every mortgage renewal or purchase since. She is a very dedicated, reliable, honest and most hard working professional. I am please to have her for my rep and will continue to use her services into the far future. She is very knowledgeable on current mortgage laws and changes, alway sfollows through.
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Posted on
Tim Jacobs Icon
Tim Jacobs
Donna is a consummate professional and a diligent customer-first problem solver. She treats her clients like they're the only ones, providing true individualized client care.
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Posted on
Eva Whiteman Icon
Eva Whiteman
Donna has been our mortgage rep for the last 14 years. Donna not only delivers quality product and service but makes it a stress free experience. We’ll never go anywhere else where our mortgage is concerned. Thanks for all you do, Donna!
Google Icon
Posted on
Rachel Beth H Icon
Rachel Beth H
Donna surpassed my expectations and went above and beyond - not only in getting me the right mortgage but also in making sure that all of my questions were answered. I have given her name to a number of family and friends and know that they will be as pleased as I was.
Google Icon
Posted on
Judith Rouleau Icon
Judith Rouleau
Thank you 🦋
Google Icon
Posted on
Teresa Schira Icon
Teresa Schira
Thanks Donna for all your help. Your mortgage expertise saved the day!” We really do appreciate the help you have given us, not once but twice now. June 22/17 Doing business with Donna Lewczuk has been a pleasure. We had a few bumps along the road. Donna's quick replies and attention to these matters were above and beyond. Her approach is very professional with a friendly touch. It was so nice to be treated one on one and not simply as a client. This is our 3rd mortgage with Donna. We will continue to do business with her. We highly recommend her servies.
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Posted on
Andrei Khvostov (Dush) Icon
Andrei Khvostov (Dush)
Donna gets things done. She would work very hard to get you a mortgage you need.
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Posted on
Nicola Thomas Icon
Nicola Thomas
My husband and I have been fortunate to have Donna Luzchuck as our broker since selling our first home in 2008. We have always noted her quick turnaround in answering all of our questions and she made us feel that our questions were in no way trivial. She has always given us options to choose from and guided us in the direction that best suited our financial goals. Remortgaging and refinancing can be a daunting process to which Donna has consistently made smooth. We are so grateful to her and the personalized service she has provided us over the last 10 years. Thank you Donna for all the years of service you have given us.
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Posted on

Google rating score: 4.6 of 5, based on 52 reviews

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